A Sound Designer That Always Listens

Working as a freelance sound designer and music composer to evoke the emotional power of sound. Insuring that my client's films have high quality sound that tells their story and connects with audiences on the big screen.


As the founder of 03 SNDS, I am more than just a sound specialist; I am a captivating storyteller, memory-maker, and artisan. My journey in the world of sound for film began with a deep passion for capturing life's experiences and transforming them into acoustically engaging atmospheres and musical compositions. With my years of experience and trained ears, I am more than excited to bring your film to life with the art of sound.


Redesign & Music Edit Reel

A collection of short animations and commercials I found and decided to create my own sound design and music edit for. I do not have credits for these because I was not the original editor.

Sound Design Reel

A short clip to demonstrate my sound design abilities. These are only a few passion projects and student films that I have worked on in the past three years.

Composition Reel

Here, another short video to show my work as a composer for the past few years. Mostly student films, this reel shows the work I've done in both live action and animation.


"Jacob is an excellent member to have on your team. He constantly went above and beyond, often doing more than what was expected."

Luke Resser

"You did a wonderful job, really encapsulated the vibe of the film with your sound/song choices!"

Lailona Holloway

"Amazing artist with a keen love and passion for sound. I can honestly see you going far with talent like yours."

Karen Ndubuisi

"The work you composed was exactly what he had in mind for the score and you executed it perfectly based on the samples we gave you!"

Josh Mizrahi


As your sound designer I will be responsible for recording and compiling high-quality audio for your film. This process will include and is not limited to: editing dialogue, sound effects, ambience, foley, and music. I will also be making sure that the final mix of the film is at it's best for wherever the film will be screened (stereo mix, 5.1 mix, etc.). As a composer I will also make sure that the composition of the film is not only to your liking but also fits the plot and tone of your film to fully engage and connect with the audience. Bringing your film to life is my goal and greatest desire. Let's make something awesome!


What film genres do you specialize in?

I specialize in sound design and composition for action, horror, and thrillers. However, I am fully capable of working on and always open to new challenges. I would be happy to discuss any type of film or project that you have in mind.

What is your pricing like?

My pricing varies depending on the length of the film, stems, and the number of hours of work required. However, I offer a variety of rates to fit any and all budgets. I also offer a free consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs and budget in more detail. Go ahead and click the link above to book an appointment. I'll talk to you soon.

How long does it take to receive my film?

Similar to pricing, this can vary depending on the time of year and the volume of work the film requires. I promise that we do have fast turnarounds and if the time discussed during our meeting is too long for you I have a team of professional sound designers that are apart of 03 SNDS that are willing to give a helping hand. I will always keep you updated on the status of your film with scheduled meeting and frequent message updates.

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Atlanta, GA, USA